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Maybe if I wasn’t so fat..
Me for anything (via boys-and-suicide)


teachers in high school will stress you the fuck out when they talk about expectations professors will have for you in college but in reality college professors are so chill and understanding it’s great




why did lunch pick a fight with breakfast?

because they were egging him on

now they both have some serious beef


This pug and his reaction to his bobblehead twin are just too cute!


This pug and his reaction to his bobblehead twin are just too cute!


Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.






wow first of all how do you even touch a bird

ive watched this video an unimaginable amount of times

Every time I watch this video, I am awed by the strange unshakable calm that the bird seems to portray, even turning it’s head slightly as to idly survey the perpetrator pressing their finger against their slight, frail, body.

Perhaps this bird understands truly what it means… to do it for the vine.

It tilts it’s head like “okay whatever I’ll go with it”

i just spent like half an hour going through my videos to find this


Me walking by the bitch I hate


Me walking by the bitch I hate




"heterosexual sex is required for reproduction!!"

1 - wrong

2 - who cares about reproduction

What the hell is wrong about that?

The idea that only heterosexual sex is needed for reproduction is cissexist and flat-out transphobic, and i would even say ableist since some people require medical intervention to get pregnant.

There are several ways to reproduce that do not involve heterosexual sex.


When Mabel starts crying over her wax figure of Grunkle Stan being decapitated, Dipper immediately kneels down and comforts his sister by softly placing his hand onto her shoulder in a comforting gesture. 

I swear that Dipper is one of the most protective, affectionate, kind, and patient brother that I’ve seen Disney create to date that openly displays his feelings for his sister. 

Because whenever I watch this scene, his voice gets softer and a lot more attentive to his sister’s emotions and it just makes me all warm and fangirly about their sibling relationship.